Success showcase

“After my MCA I changed 2 to 3 organizations due to some personal problems. Then I came across DesignBoat, where in I got carved into a Designer. I didn't knew I had that much potential until I entered DesignBoat. Thanks to the DesignBoat and its sailors.”

Sandesh Kadkol- ui/ux designer @ outdo inc

Sandesh kadkol

UI/UX Designer @ Outdo Inc.

“Design Boat was a wonderful educational experience for me. The teachers love what they do and put a lot of effort into teaching and making sure that every student excels. They motivated me to work hard and keep practicing which definitely paid off in the end.”

Nikita Vergis - design sorceress @ day1 technologies

Nikita Vergis

Design Sorceress @ Day1 Technologies

“DesignBoat is the place where you want to be, if you're looking to kickstart your career in design. The credit for my base as a designer goes to Harsha Sir, Akshay Sir, Chetan Sir.”

Alamdar Ali - design warlord @ day1 technologies

Alamdar Ali

Design Warlord @ Day1 Technologies

“Designboat is Creative, Innovative, Productive and Originative School where they teach inspirational thinking and innovation in the field of designing.”

Pavan Penurkar - ui/ux designer @ outdo inc

Pavan Penurkar

UI/UX Designer @ Outdo Inc.

“At DesignBoat, I was encouraged to discover my inherent ability as a designer. It brought out the creative side of me and led me down the path of selfdiscovery. This made me more passionate, grounded and confident about my new chosen career in design.”

Tashima Kumar - - design idealist @ day1 technologies

Tashima Kumar

Design Idealist @ Day1 Technologies

“If your genuinely passionate about learning design and want to take it up to the next level and wandering where to go.. Designboat is the Best place. Why DesignBoat is because they have got the best, dedicated, talented and humble team of mentors.”

Shree Harsha - ink magician @ day1 technologies

Shree Harsha

Ink Magician @ Day1 Technologies

“This design field is at the brink of huge possibilities in Bangalore, the tech and startup city of India. The founders at DesignBoat realize this and are riding the wave by teaching anyone who wants to get a foot into this field how to do just that. Start from scratch, learn the tools, build a foundation and start thinking the way a UI/UX Designer does at DesignBoat.”

Shana Singh - ux designer @ redd experience design

Shana Singh

UX Designer @ Redd Experience Design

“The time I spent in designboat was turning point of my life. I never thought I could reach my dream. But team designboat triggered me a lot to bring the best outa me and and yea I've reached my dream now. Being a fresher I've got hired for role with requirement of 4 yrs experience. This credit completely goes to team designboat for bringing the best outta me. Thank you great team. Yeah you are in the right place and reading the right review. Choose designboat with no hesitant.”

Priya Sridaran - ui/ux designer @ zoho

Priya Sridaran

UI/UX Designer @ Zoho